Song recordings and information

on acoustically signaling insects.

especially cicadas of the United States and Canada.



Sound Recordings and Other Content on Cicadidae




Cicadamania – the oldest and best-known general website for cicada enthusiasts. – established to solicit and organize distribution records for periodical cicada broods from the public.

Cicada Central – established as a clearinghouse for research on world Cicadidae.

New Zealand Cicadas: A Virtual Identification Guide – comprehensive information on the New Zealand species.

Cicadas of Australia – an extensive website on Australian cicadas, with songs, photos, maps, and natural history.

The Canadian National Collection of Insects – general cicada identification plus information on morphology, ecology, and evolution. – songs and other content on European cicadas.

Cicadas of India – a major new addition with over 100 species pages.

Cicadidae in Japan – includes a database form for accessing songs of Japanese and Korean cicadas.

Slovenian Wildlife Sound Archive – from the Slovenian Museum of Natural History.

S.E. Asian Cicada Songs – from the Slovenian Museum of Natural History.

Cicada Songs from Borneo – with sonograms and some phenological data.

The Singing Cicadas of Papua Indonesia – mainly photos.

Checklist of South African Cicadas – from the Villet Lab, Rhodes University.

Great Lakes Cicada Page – by the author of a new book "The Season of the Cicada". – focuses on cicadas of the mid-Atlantic states.

Cicadas of Massachusetts – extensive site on New England cicadas, collecting techniques, etc.

Cicadas of Michigan – focuses on Michigan cicadas with songs and identification keys.

Cicadas of Florida – basic taxonomy, identification, and life history.

Cicada Checklist of Texas – includes detailed information on Quesada gigas

University of Michigan Periodical Cicada Site – older comprehensive site on periodical cicadas. – a general insect identification site with many cicada photos; some photo IDs may not be correct.

Songs of Insects – a companion website for a book of the same name, contains an online identification guide for songs.

Singing Insects of North America – an extensive general resource with songs, maps, and keys. Cicada section under development.

Bibliography of the Cicadoidea – a web database of scientific publications on cicadas.




* Named in honor of J. G. Myers' 1929 book Insect Singers. A Natural History of the
Cicadas. Routledge, London (1929).

Page updated 19 April 2022

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