Some interesting cicada songs and soundscapes from around the world

* Various species mainly from the genus Tanna (and one loud brassy Pomponia) singing in southeastern China, complete with temple gong (long track).

* A similar and mysterious-sounding chorus of related Tanna and Pomponia species from Vietnam (with raindrops).

* A loud mechanical-sounding Dundubia from Mindanao, in the southern Philippines, that sounds like squeaking machinery.

* A species from the genus Purana from Mindanao, that sounds like a whining vacuum cleaner.

* A haunting evening chorus of fire-siren-like Champaka cicadas from Mindanao.

* Another Mindanao species, from the genus Maua, with a striking song.

* A honking Psaltoda moerens from eastern Australia.

* And another one from Australia, a cicada din in North Queensland containing a loud Neopsaltoda crassa.

* Somewhat noisy late-evening chorus including dissonant Quesada gigas, cicadas known for their locomotive-whistle song, in northern Argentina. A recording of a single individual from Texas can be found on the eastern USA cicadas page at the main site linked below.

* For a good example of a bird-like cicada song, try the recording of Meimuna opalifera at this site, from Japan.

* Just for kicks, a late-night chorus of mainly true katydids (Pterophylla camellifolia) in southern New Jersey. These are often mistaken for cicadas, but most cicadas sing only during the day or at dawn/dusk.

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