David C. Marshall
David C. Marshall

Ph.D., Biology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Research Scientist
Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269 USA

david.marshall @ uconn.edu

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My research ranges across the fields of phylogeography, molecular phylogenetics, molecular ecology, organismal diversification, phylogenetic methodology, animal communication, and mating systems, all with emphasis on acoustically signaling insects (the "singing insects"), which make excellent model systems for such work. I have been fortunate to be involved in many field collecting trips for projects on cicada biology and systematics around the world, and my collaborators (through the C. Simon lab) and I have assembled a large collection of DNA- and song-vouchered cicada specimens that will serve as a basis for extensive new work on Cicadidae diversification, taxonomy, and classification.  My technical specialities include bioacoustic analysis methods, molecular phylogenetic techniques (lab and analytical), field collection, and specimen curation/databasing.


subgeoSpeciation, phylogeography, song evolution,
and DNA taxonomy in New Zealand cicadas

Key findings include a complete phylogeny for the cicada genus Kikihia and estimation
of the timeframe of diversification.  Radiation in Kikihia has been rapid yet
stable in rate throughout the Pliocene and Pleistocene epochs, showing that
diversification rates have not been affected by the major changes in climate cycling through the past five million years.



 Life cycle evolution, communication,

and s
peciation in 13- and 17-year

periodical cicadas


          Aggressive mimicry in the

          Australian predatory katydid

          Chlorobalius leucoviridis

                 *  Marshall and Hill 2009, PLoS One, 4: e4185.


Tree length and data partitioning in

Bayesian phylogenetic analyses


        Adaptive radiation and global

        biogeography of the worldwide

        cicada tribe Cicadettini

                                    (Global radiation ms in prep.)

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