Song recordings for Neotibicen similaris subspecies

Recordings are given below for (1) the holotype male of the recently described subspecies Neotibicen similaris apalachicola Marshall and Hill, 2017, (2) a male of the nominate subspecies Neotibicen similaris similaris taken from near its type location in Fernandina Beach, Florida, (3) better recordings of both subspecies because the type-location tracks are of limited quality, and (4) examples of hybrid songs between the subspecies.

These tracks were analyzed in Marshall and Hill (2017). A PDF copy of this publication can be obtained here (open access).

Besides describing the new cicada subspecies, the paper documents their parapatric distributions and the hybrid zones that form where they meet in the southeastern US. Songs taken from the hybrid zones often have striking intermediate phenotypes. It is perhaps surprising that two taxa with such divergent songs hybridize so freely.

Recording of the holotype male of Neotibicen similaris apalachicola (WAV format here).

Recording of Neotibicen similaris similaris taken near its type locality (Fernandina Beach, FL) (WAV format here).

Better-quality recording of Neotibicen similaris apalachicola from a different location (near Hosford, in Wakulla Co., FL) (WAV format here).

Better-quality recording of Neotibicen similaris similaris from a different location (near Sopchoppy, in Wakulla Co., FL) (WAV format here).

Click here and here for recordings of two hybrid songs that were illustrated in the publication.

Recordings of most of the other Neotibicen species can be found at our main site on the cicadas of eastern and central USA.

Reference: Marshall, D.C., and Kathy B.R. Hill. 2017. A new Neotibicen cicada subspecies (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) from the southeastern USA forms hybrid zones with a widespread relative despite a divergent male calling song. Zootaxa 4272(4): 529-550.

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